Beginners Courses - Divided into two parts:
Part 1 - Basic hand tools in woodworking, their sharpening and maintenance
-  Proper use of  hand tools and tool sharpening.
- Woodworking benches and vices, importance of the correct height and the choice of the bench. 
- Sharpening with water stones .
- Chisels and why they need to be sharpen
- Different types of saws and their proper use
- Different types of hand planes, use and proper adjustment . 
- Scrapers , use and sharpening
- Use of marking gauges
During the Part 1 you will learn the correct use of different types of saws, planes, chisels and scrapers  and how to sharpen al of them.
The course has a duration of two days of a weekend. Upon request we can arrange the course during the week or dates to be agreed .

Part 2 - Wood and glues. Common types of wood on the market and their characteristics, movement of wood and proper glue use. 
- Differences between hardwood (hardwood) and coniferous (softwood) 
- Composition of the trunk 
- Different cuts of wood and reasons for use them 
- Wood  drying and problems. Differences between air dried and kiln dried wood 
- Measurement of wood moisture and explanation of wood movement with moisture changes 
- Types of adhesives and their proper use in different environmental conditions 
- Cases of gluing, problems and solutions 

Additional information: 
Parts 1 and 2 are the basic course of cabinetmaking. 
Those who want to do the intermediate course not having done the first two parts will have to do an interview in order to understand the degree of knowledge of hand tools use and their proper sharpening.

For Part 1 (2 days)
"Hand tools use, sharpening and maintenance" , the price is € 220 + TAX per person. 
  For Part 2 (1 day)
"The wood and glues. Common types of wood on the market and features and the proper glue use " with a duration 2 days, the price is € 220 + TAX per person 
The material is provided by Dimisco. 
Those who decide to make the two courses and pay the full amount in advance at least 10 days will pay € 400 + TAX instead of € 440 + TAX. This promotion is non-refundable. 

Per information please contatc:

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